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North Dakota Car Insurance


Car insurance in North Dakota is cheapest in Red River country and more expensive toward the Montana border. Comparable state car insurance rates for every city and town in North Dakota are shown below. Average car insurance rates, as well as the maximum and minimum rate, for your neighborhood are provided once you enter your ZIP code, age group and coverage level.

North Dakota Car Insurance Requirements
Average Car Insurance Rates in North Dakota 
Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

North Dakota car insurance requirements

North Dakota state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $25,000/$50,000
Minimum property damage liability $25,000
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury $25,000/$50,000
Personal injury protection $30,000 limit

What you need to know about car insurance in North Dakota

Penny Gusner
Consumer Analyst

North Dakota Car Insurance Laws

North Dakota's minimum liability insurance limits of 25/50/25 may be adequate for motorists without many assets of his or her own. If you own a home and have savings you want to safeguard, we recommend you increase your coverage to 100/300/50 or higher. Remember, liability is what covers you when you harm others in an accident. It does not cover your car or your injuries.

North Dakota is a no-fault state, so you must carry at least $30,000 of personal injury protection (PIP). Regardless of fault, if you're injured in a car crash you claim first against your PIP coverage. Once that limit is exceeded, you would file against the at-fault driver's liability policy.

If you are injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you're covered by a mandatory uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury policy.

Incidents affect insurance for three years: Insurance companies in North Dakota will consider traffic offenses when generating rates for no more than three years.

Penalty for driving without insurance: It's a misdemeanor to be an uninsured motorist, and you will receive a fine of at least $150. If you are also in an accident, you will be responsible for the damages you caused others, plus get 14 points assessed against your North Dakota driver's license, which is enough to get your license suspended.

Drivers start earlier: Teens as young as 14 can obtain an instruction permit and at 15 can receive a restricted driver's license. Parents and teens can read up on the requirement and restrictions on the state's Department of Transportation website.

Driving under the influence: Penalties for a DUI in North Dakota are harsh. A first conviction comes with the immediate loss of driver's license, a minimum $250 fine and a mandatory alcohol addiction evaluation. DUIs stay on your record for seven years, but for insurance purposes they last only three years.

Electronic proof of insurance: North Dakota is one of 31 states that allow drivers to show proof of insurance on a smartphone during a traffic stop.

Largest car insurance companies for North Dakota by market share

Rank Company / Group Direct Premiums Written ($) Market Share (%)
1 Progressive Insurance Group 60,477 14.73
2 State Farm Group 58,062 14.14
3 Amer Family Insurance Group 42,383 10.32
4 QBE Americas Group 37,235 9.07
5 Nodak Mutual Group 36,683 8.94
6 Farmers Insurance Group 16,363 3.99
7 USAA Group 15,645 3.81
8 Berkshire Hathaway Insurance 14,700 3.58
9 Auto-Owners Insurance Group 13,485 3.29
10 Center Mutual Insurance Company 13,093 3.19
Source: A.M. Best market share rankings are based on direct premiums written in 2013.