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Yes, with certain car insurance companies it’s possible to get a policy with only a learner's permit, but there's a catch.Typically, you will need to get a driver's license within a short period of time, usually 30 to 45 days, to start a car insurance policy with most auto insurance providers. 

In addition, the insurance company might require you to start the policy with a driver who has a valid license until you have your own license.

Your age may also be a factor in whether you can start your own auto insurance policy with just a learner’s permit. If you are under 18, many car insurance companies will require that you have a parent or guardian sign on the policy with you, since you are still a minor and a car insurance policy is a legal contract. Most states require someone 18 years old or older to sign the documents to make them binding. Also, most car insurance companies have underwriting restrictions saying that the named insured cannot be under the age of 18.

Do you need insurance with a learner's permit?

Yes, you need to be covered by an auto insurance policy if you are driving with a learner's permit, but that doesn't mean you have to have your own policy. If you are learning to drive, and are operating a car insured by a person over age 21, that person's coverage usually extends to you. Teens living at home and driving their parent's insured car are typically covered by the parental policy. However,  it's recommended that you confirm this with your car insurance company. Though teen drivers generally don't have to be added to their parent's policy until they are licensed, there are exceptions. 

Some car insurance companies' policies will automatically extend to drivers with a learner’s permit. Other car insurance companies require anyone old enough to drive who is living in the household to be added to the policy as an included driver.

If you are a newly licensed minor and your parents already have a policy, you should see if you can be added to their policy for coverage.This will not only be easier but can save you money; car insurance for young drivers is very expensive. Being placed on your parent’s policy is still costly, but it's usually more affordable than getting a policy of your own. Review average rates for this scenario by reading our guide, "Car insurance for a 16 year old."