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Will points be put on my Kentucky license for a speeding ticket in Ohio?


Ohio and Kentucky are both part of the Drivers License Compact which requires member states to report speeding tickets and other moving violations back to the state in which a person is licensed. Thus Ohio's courts should inform the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet of the speeding citation you received out of state.

The KY Transportation Cabinet and KY Office of Highway Safety note that out of state speeding citations do not transfer points to Kentucky. This however does NOT apply to speeding citations received in a commercial vehicle, so the points would transfer on a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Out of state tickets do need to be taken care of they warn. If the citation requirements are not satisfied, Kentucky's Division of Driver Licensing is notified and sends a letter informing the driver they have 30 days to do so. If the requirements are not satisfied within 30 days, the license is suspended and the driver must pay a $40 reinstatement fee for a new license.

All other moving violation citations received in another state do transfer to Kentucky and the appropriate points are assessed to the driving record. Since you received a speeding ticket in Ohio it will be reported to Kentucky but not assessed points but if you had received another type of moving violation in OH it would not only go on your motor vehicle record (MVR) but also have points assigned.

Since the KY Division of Driver Licensing will be informed of the Ohio speeding citation if you pay and are convicted of the offense and put it on your MVR, your insurer will be able to see it and rate you on it. It will depend upon your insurance company's rating system if your rates will go up or not from this out of state speeding offense.

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