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What are the penalties for driving with no car insurance in Indiana?

Indiana Legislative Code 9-25-4-1 states that a person in Indiana may not register or operate a motor vehicle if financial responsibility (FR) is not in effect for the vehicle. The operator of a vehicle that is without insurance in Indiana is subject to a 90 day license suspension or 1 year suspension if this is a repeat violation of the FR law within 3 years.

Driving without insurance in Indiana is a Class A infraction, unless you have had prior convictions for this violation then it is considered a Class C misdemeanor. Beyond getting your license suspended, the driver of an uninsured vehicle could also be assessed points according to IC 9-25-8-5. The number of points assessed shall be determined by the point study committee based on an evaluation of the situation.

In Indiana an infraction is the least serious offense to commit. It usually involves a minor violation of law, such as a traffic offense. Infractions are not considered crimes; they call for civil (non-criminal) sanctions. IN does not have to prove your guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt," as it does in criminal cases, and you cannot be imprisoned for an infraction violation.

An infraction is not a criminal offense so the penalty imposed is a civil judgment. A fine can be imposed, but no jail time. An "A" infraction is the highest type of infraction and can come with a fine of up to $10,000.

The IN BMV driver's manual also states that a person who operates a vehicle without an automobile liability insurance policy in effect is subject to a 90 day driver license suspension or a one year suspension if it is a repeat violation in a three year period. In order to obtain a reinstatement of the license, the person must pay a reinstatement fee of $150, $225, or $300 depending on whether it is a first, second, third or subsequent offense.

The minimum amount of car insurance that the state of Indiana requires as coverage is 25/50/10. This means $25,000 per injured person up to a total of $50,000 for all injured parties in an accident, and coverage of $10,000 for property damage from one incident.


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