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How long do accidents and other tickets stay on your file and affect your insurance rate in Kansas?


In Kansas accidents and traffic violations stay on a driving record for 3 years for minor offenses and 5 years for major offenses. A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) remains on a person's driving history for life.

In KS there is a limit to the amount of citations a person can receive before they lose their driving privileges. Three major offenses within a 5 year period will result in a 3 year driver's license revocation. With 3 minor moving violations will get a driver a warning letter. If you were to be convicted of 4 minor moving violations it is a 30 day restriction, 5 minor violations is a 90 day suspension and 6 minor moving violations results in a 1 year suspension.

For a copy of your Kansas driving record you can contact the KS Department of Revenue (DOR). On their website they give information on how to read a driving record, if you have problems deciphering the codes once you have obtained your copy of the MVR.

As for insurance, companies' rating systems and guidelines differ so it will depend upon the individual insurance provider to decide how long they will rate you on accidents or traffic violations. In general insurers will raise rates for 3, 5 or 7 years depending upon their rating system which they would have had to file with the insurance regulatory body of Kansas.

If the traffic offense is minor and only on your driving record for 3 years then this would be as long as an insurance carrier could rate you on that violation. If you instead have a major violation that is on your MVR for 5 years, then an insurer may rate you for that 5 year period or only for 3 years.

If your rates are raised due to traffic tickets and/or accidents that are on your driving record, shop around for inexpensive car insurance here with us.


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